You too have an opportunity to learn how to build a house with Two and half lakh. Construction workers from Poojapura, Trivandrum will teach about how to build house with two and half lakh. Now constructing 300 sq ft house in Trivandrum Maidan.
The building is constructed with corrugated bricks, soil painting, processed rubber cuticle, concrete blocks, wooden door, steel doors and windows, PVC door, filling slabs, and ferro-cement shelves. A small machine is also set up for making the bricks. How to build bricks for construction and how to use soil will also be taught.

The iron and steel use is designed to accommodate as minimum to construct the home as environmental friendly.
Interested people can use maximum materials without anyone’s help.Later, the house can be upgraded and rebuilt. For a 300 sq ft house needed ten cement packets. In this the good roles will be left for the ground and roof. The corrugated bricks (interlocking) 1750 numbers is enough. They will tell you how to to sets various bricks in various ways. Not just the arrangements in wall, the lintel, the seat, the arches and everything else. Let;s introduce the different technologies that can be tested for hardwood, roof, windows and doors.
Earlier Habitat introduced a house had budget of Rs. 4 Lakhs.

House is ready for Rs. 4 Lakhs.
The habitat group has come up with the idea of constructing a house on a surprise hub. The model for the low cost house is being constructs at the exhibition ceremony at Poojapura Maidan in connection with the 30th anniversary celebration of Habitat. The exhibition titled as Hab Fest there arranged 60 more stores about house construction. The fair will be held on May 14th.

Let’s Build a house for two and half Lakh people.

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