Mr.Vineesh and Mrs.Sasikala built home in Thiruvanchoor, it can easily expandable based on future needs.
Instead of spending own money for the house construction some of the people have the attitude to borrow from a bank or a friend. Mr.Vineesh and Mrs.Sasikala from Kottayam Thiruvanchoor are believed this idea.Without spending money uselessly, they built a demanding home.

Image Credit : Manorama

  • Mr.Vineesh and Mrs. Sasikala bought five cents plot which are Narrow and backward.
  • Their sister in-law, a civil engineer she made all the wishes of the family in the plan drawing.
  • The plan is for a two-floor house now they complete the first floor only. The second floor will be construct based on the future purpose.
  • As considering the narrow plot the plan is drawn on a long line. To enhance the exterior used only the parapet stone cladding. The pergola was made on the roof of the sit-out and covered by glass results a beautiful exterior.

Image Credit : Manorama

  • There is a small outdoor courtyard with the sit-out and it arranged as a pebblecord.
  • Sit-out, Hall with dinning room, kitchen, and two bedrooms. From the inside it has a staircase and a small launch in the second floor.
  • The house constructed according to the architecture.
  • The living room and the dinning area are the part of a same hall, but squat is arranged in a manner that not visible for those who have access.
  • The dinning area is small so arrangements around the dinning table like one side bench and the other side chairs.
  • Only the master bedroom and the kid’s room are made. The master bedroom is bathroom attached. In house there is a common bathroom that is next to the staircase.
  •  The most important feature of this home is that the space between the bedroom is arranged as a study area.
  • In the yard, instead of of concrete tile placed the granite and during granite flooring placed limited caretaker artificial turf bellow that. But there is a possibility of landing the rain water.
  • In bedrooms vitrified tiles, in sit-out and staircase steps done with kadappa flooring. The cutting edge is bit thicker of kadappa but it is not damage in the sunshine. Can apply the re-polishing and its costs is less than granite.

Image Credit : Manorama

  • The mahagani is used for wooden works the carvings done only in the front door.
  • The beauty of wallpaper done only in the living room TV wall. And light violet colour given for some walls. Not only in the walls, sealing and the corners have been colored.
  • Mr. Vineesh has Interior work shop so that helped to boost the work and cost reduction.
  • The kitchen is coloured by the yellow splash.

Build a house without borrowing, without loans!.


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