Many people can not believe that to build a house at 4 Lakhs when the construction costs goes up. But it is true, the price is trivial but the house is enormous. And impress everyone.

In the house there are two small bedrooms, kitchen and one bathroom. The total area of the house is around four hundred sq ft. The size of the bedrooms is 72 sq ft. It contains a double coat bed and the space to keep a small shelf. Storage facilities are arranged below the bed.

The height with foundation and basement is 3 feet, one and half inch depth foundation and one and half inch height basement. On the top of the concrete basement sets plinth concrete and above that interlocks bricks are arranged. The front and back doors are made of timber and the door of the two bedrooms with material similar to particle board. The PVC is used for the bathroom door.

The iron is used to make the 120 cm tall windows. The windows sets in the house are with two layers and one layer. The interlock blocks are used to construct the house; it can reduce the heat inside the house. There the inside and outside of the wall pointed.

The filler slab concrete method is work on the roof of the house. This can help to control and reduce the heat inside the house also cost less. The finishing of the floors are done with ceramic tiles.

Only essential electrical points are arranged in the home. For one room one fan, one light, one plug point, in bathroom one pipe and closet are arranged. The kitchen slab is made with granite.

The leading constructors ‘Habitat Group’ has designed and built the 4 lakh home.

The Habitat group has been constructed with some of the lower costs model houses based on their anniversary. These houses are intended for those who are participating in the central and state government housing project.

Habitat gives surety that the house can be completed by a fortune of up to four lakh if the site has good area and the transport facility. The design can be easily changed according to the needs of the needy. Models of the houses are constructed near the mudavanmugal parambil temple ‘Habitat center’ in poojapura.

A Beautiful house is ready for Four Lakh.

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